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I keep it to about PG-13 more because that's just the way the characters take it. I do very little, if any planning before I write a story and it just happens to end up around the area of PG-13. Not to say I haven't crossed that line, but I want to make it accessible to any trek fan, from new ones (who may or may not fit into the above PG-13 or above bracket) to the die hard fans. So if that means I'm a weak or timid writer, then ok.
I'd meant my comments more as rhetorical, not as a personal attack, so sorry if that tone wasn't conveyed by the text. I don't think there's anything wrong with crossing the line, but I think deliberately not doing so, is rather weak, as good writing stands on its own merits beyond mere politeness

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As for readership... I have no idea how much of a reader base I have. No one ever comments if they do,
I know exactly what you mean. I don't write for kudos or praise, I write for the pleasure of writing, but it is frustrating when no one can take the time to give commentary or critique, as without it, it is impossible to gauge how well received work is, or what I need to do to develop as a writer

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There was good advice here, but wanted to throw in some of my own if that is okay.

People fail to realize that most of your greatest literary artists seldom, and some never, used profanity. Tolkien comes to mind. LOTR did not have ONE cuss word in it, and even as a movie scored major at the box offices. Star Trek may have some examples of cussing, but it has always been by far considered clean and family friendly.

I enjoy writing, and I like to make sure anyone can read my stories and not be offended by the content, and yet can be entertained. It is a challenge at times, when you are writing about a very gruff person that probably in real life would cuss up a storm. It is however possible to relate that without writing it.
Likewise, I don't necessarily write to be offensive, although I do strive to be challenging in my writing: to make people think and question opinions and viewpoints on subjects. However, with regards greatest literary artists and profanity, I would have to mention the works of Shakespeare... Considered to be sophisticated, and Serious Business in terms of performance, but, in his day, Shakespeare would have held the kind of position which Tarantino had back in the 90s, and would have been considered every bit as rude as Tarantino's movies...