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Armitage - I really love this ship... except for the fact I have to use Type 4 Windows. I'd like to be able to change them to Type 2 or 3, and surely someone would rather use Type 1.

Registries - If I recall most Starfleet Registry's (NCC - 1701 - A) are black bold with red thin outlining. Could we maybe eventually get to change that secondary color in the future?

BIG TY - A long while ago I made continual stinks about the lack of Starfleet Arrowheads and pin stripping. I want to thank you guys while I'm here. It adds to the game.


Combadges - Please open up a more "gold" set of four colors. The colors provided are more coppery or bronze, just too much "red" in them to match all the combadges.

TWoK - We lack several things here... Rank pins are seriously bent or do not follow the shoulder strap. Next we only have the Captain rank pin, yet no others. The movies show every rank. These pins are also duplicated on the wrist band, a minor thing, but just so you know. Last thing, Admirals had gold lining in addition to the black... kinda like the TNG Admiral outfit.

Short Tight Skirt - This skirt is a great mesh, but the texture appears to be a more glossy or leathery type that doesn't mix as well with the TNG uniforms (movies especially). Can we please get a matte version that matches (with most colors, preferably black) the tops like the Jupiter versions?

Bikinis? - Saw the other day people complaining about female toon underwear in a really cheeky, immature way. For the Federation... I think we should be able to colorize that to match certain out fits. If the underwear was not visible, ever, it wouldn't be an issue. Standard Uniform palate would suffice, no need to go all Orion slave girl outfit on this. And an Addendum, briefs maybe - not bikini's LOL... Starfleet women are really funny.