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02-15-2013, 08:55 AM
I always thought that Starfleet, especially, would tend to be a bit rather eloquent and specific in how they insult or curse. Our coarse 21st century cusses would be rather too generalized and lame. Here are some examples:

"You, sir, have an acted-upon Oedipal complex."

"I have compiled a list of possible candidates for you to engage in recreational pseudo-copulation with."
"I'm the only person on this list."

"Janeway can be a rather self-important and caustic shrew, wouldn't you agree?"

"Go eat a Richard, my good man."

"Crewman Yates reminds me an incident I saw on Risa. A transport skiff carrying exotic Denobulan vinegar hit a bit of turbulence and one of the barrels fell out of the back. It landed square in the middle of a small wading pool of fresh water. The barrel pretty much just exploded and the sound it"
"Oh, was it a giant d-"
"Just so!"

You get the idea, surely.