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Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
It depends on how much hull you had to begin with.

At the low end hull matters a lot, but once you have a certain amount of buffer, it loses it's importance. If you're in either a cruiser or a patrol escort you can survive bleedthrough damage, and have a bit of buffer to heal. Attacks that would insta-kill the patrol escort are likely to do it to the cruiser too.

I don't agree, although I think there is merit to your point.

I think that as we watch the current metagame shift away from pressure to spike (or chained spikes), that higher caps become more relevant.

A Fleet Cruiser with 60k hull and 50% resistance (effective 120k hull) + 12K (x4) shields with 50% resistance (effective potential 18k facing or 72k 4 pool)

has a better chance to survive such an event compared to

A Destroyer/High Hull Escort with 45k hull and 50% resistance (effective 90k hull) + 9k (x4) shields with 50% resistance (effective potential 13.5k facing or 54k pool) .

This doesn't even include the potential boff layouts (healing potential) with powers such as Aux to SIF 3, ET 3, EPTS 3 all being available to the cruiser (which would also change those made up out of thin air generic ship stats I put forward).

Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
My problem with the JHAS has always been that it is best-in-class in every category, and has a turn-rate inconsistent with other escorts. The Wells has a similar problem, but dogfighting ability isn't so crucial on a science ship.

I don't have a problem with your assessment, I do think your underestimating the value of the higher base turn rate on the Wells for getting SNB/90 degree powers/movement linked powers (TBR, PSW)/assist damage on kills on target, etc.

There is also the potential BOFF layouts (another frequent JHAS complaint) making it both one of the best healers and best sci capable ships.

My points in this thread have been a few key items:

1) People focus complaints on the JHAS, because most people are focued on Escorts - and tend to exaggerate ("as much hull as a cruiser!!") or forget about other ship classes (Wells, Recluse) and the powerful ships that are in them.

2) Most lockbox ships have some very clear advantages over most Fleet Ships - and extremely large and clear advantages over most Cstore "T5" ships.

3) The chances of Cryptic nerfing lockbox ships is infinitesimally small, and as much as it might get ire directed at me - I personally feel from a purely business standpoint (and not a game balance standpoint, which would be the opposite opinion) that nerfing these ships in anyway would be a completely terrible business decision.

Requesting better balance going forward on NEW SHIPS is likely to have a better chance of coming true than seeing currently sold ships get nerfed.

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