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02-15-2013, 09:50 AM
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Agreed, but look how Shakespear did it. He used masterful wording to get the point across instead of having to resort to the one shot shocker, that really doesn't shock anymore.
When written, it would have been shocking. As shocking as Tarantino's use of the F and N words are to contemporary viewers. The fact that the tolerances and values of the audience have changed, does not detract from Shakespeare's work as a Hardcore Author, rather than some Romantic Poet

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I am no hypocrite, Desperation, The Regulators, The Dark Tower trilogy....all good books, and Steven King did not exactly watch his language. LOL
However, he also was not writing on an open forum. There are ways of getting around cussing, without losing the feel of the character, if that is who the character is. There are ways of making a character a "player" without ever introducing one sex scene. Literary challenges like those are what really gets a novice writer to challenge themselves, and usually make a better literary work. Just my opinion. Not intended to be an argument even to your quote above, as I can actually agree with you as well.
Absolutely, I quite agree with you. I don't think there is necessarily a need to have a character swearing unnecessarily, especially when Star Trek was always written a certain way, but equally, I think that to adhere too strictly to that format, can become an unnecessary restriction. I think that the only way to put it, is that it's all about context: Sometimes it's necessary, sometimes it's not...