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02-15-2013, 11:19 AM
I doubt that any of them will only have 3 tac consoles on an escort....

More likely

4 / 3 / 3
4 / 4 / 2
4 / 2 / 4

With 4 tac units being the standard 4 on all 3.

The only thing I think may or may not happen is the inclusion of uni consoles... seeing as these things are going to have 3 versions... I some how doubt very much Cryptic is planning to tank sales on all 3 by giving any of them uni anything.

They will be

Cmd... Lt Cmd (of the 3 flavors)... with lt sci and engi... with likely an engi ens... and mabey perhaps the ensign may be universal... but I doubt they will eat into sales by offering uni slots so people don't need to buy more then one to change setups.
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