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02-15-2013, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by idrona View Post
If I remember correct you guys just recently got a frikkin mini death star with thrusters.
Hrmmm... the last KDF C-Store ship was the... was the... around the same time as the space whale... what was it again? Trying to remember correctly and all that... it was around a year ago or so...

Wasn't the Atrox.
Wasn't the Armitage.
Wasn't the Regent.
Wasn't the Steamrunner, though that wasn't actually a C-Store ship.
Wasn't the Vesta 3pack.

All of those are Fed ships since then...hrmmm.

It was back, last year, when they did the Ody...
...oh yeah, the Bortasqu' was the ship.

Was so long ago, so hard to remember...

But yeah, nifty - another Fed 3pack.
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