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02-15-2013, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by solomace View Post
And? This is still not the norm for a lot of fleets.

Just because that is the rules your fleet does, doesn't mean every other "large" fleet does the same.

Still not sure where your coming from and what your "real" thoughts are.

So far it seem your own"metrics" are based solely on your own fleet and that is what you are portraying as facts.
And how is his metrics any more or less valid then what you claim above in your response. Do you have the ability to datamine STO's fleet statistics? Probably not, would be my guess. He posting his Fleet situation; and you're countering with your guess.

In other words - how are his 'facts' any more or less valid then what you attempt to present as you 'facts' in your reply?
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