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Originally Posted by ironphoenix113 View Post
FINALLY finished mine, after more hours than I care to admit of typing, editing, and near-rage-quitting . And the ending was just in time for Valentines too.

A couple explanations: Yes, Ibalei is both a Trill and a Telepath. She has the telepathy trait in-game, so I figured I might as well make it part of my story here. Second, the Athena has four duty shifts: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. I wrote it this way primarily so that Bryan's crew always well rested and ready for duty. Although they don't survive long when the ship take a single hit for some reason .

For a general idea of the mood I want to convey in certain sections the following is the soundtrack I would use:

Arriving in the Nebula: Thomas Bergersen; Color the Sky (Dreams and Imaginations)
Crash landing: Jack Wall; The Collector Base (Mass Effect 2 OST)
The Takeoff: Jack Wall; The Normandy Reborn (Mass Effect 2 OST)
Back to the Future (no pun intended): Jack Wall; Jump Drive (Mass Effect 2 OST) Have I mentioned that I like the music the guys at Bioware use?)
Bryan's Proposal: Thomas Bergersen & Merethe Soltvedt; In Your Arms (Album Unknown)
Fantastic entry, only one thing seemed incongruous... As Bryan and Ibalei had been renting the apartment for a few weeks, pushing the crew to get the job done 50 minutes quicker didn't quite seem right, as there hadn't been any previous time contraints. Maybe having the submarine arriving before giving the order to get all hands on the pump, might make Bryan's urgency make more sense