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02-15-2013, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
I think you are missing the point.

Maybe I am wrong here, and if i am fair enough, but you dont need the wrapper at all to do the hour. they are 100% separate of each other.

during the hour, play any foundry mission. get more experience and more EC than you would outside of the hour. that's it. they just happen to have a similar name.

now that might be a poor reward and its not going to fix the fleet mark problem and maybe it should go anyway for a more valuable event, but the hour is doing exactly what it was designed for.

if thats wrong, im happy to be told otherwise.
If the 'event' itself still.l increases rewards for Foundry content if you're playing it when the 'event' is active, then it doesn't need to be removed - but it DOES need to be remaned as we're not playing "Officer Report" content; we're playing Foundry content - and nowhere, except in the now removed IOR wrapper mission was Foundry content ever refered to as "Officer Reports" (and IMO it does show a lack of overall planing and player consideration to either not remove the event entirely (if it no loger works), or rename it to something more appropriate, after the change.)

DStahl likes to claim a lot of thought and planning goes into changes like these; but when obvious things like this are in effect forgotten; one really has to wonder if that statement is accurate.
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