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02-15-2013, 12:03 PM
You're not buying new slots for your new ships, you're literally buying them to keep the old ships. So consider and be honest to yourself: How likely is it you'll ever actually use that Miranda, tier 1 steamrunner, or other low level ship? Is keeping that option worth $5, or would you rather have more ships that you're likely to use on a regular basis?

Personally, I'd delete first. For example, drop the type-8 for the Delta Flyer. If for some reason you want the type-8 back, it's bought very cheaply for energy credits. Steamrunners can be reclaimed at the shipyard. There's three reclaimable slots right there.

Light cruiser, heavy cruiser, nova, and defiant (assuming tier 4 here) will set you back dilithium in various amounts to get back. This one comes back to the question: Is it worth $2.50 each to keep use of them as you accumulate more endgame ships?

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