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perhapes its my bias, but I swear that in the fed forums the posts are about nerf this, nerf that, or give me my shines now, and that shiny isn't as uber as its supposed to be.


Lets keep one thing in focus about the Klingon Empire.. the Klingons will only ally with those they respect.. Its that whole warrior culture thing. Your average klingon culturally has more in common with the Norsemen/Vikings of the 8th to 12th century. Recall that for those several centuries they were THE most advanced sea fairing people on the planet...and if there had been more of them the dominant languge of trade would be Norwegian not English. And they still make the most sea worthy ships on the planet. I'm wandering again, back on topic..

it's also a Medieval society (Klingon) in some respects. And the Lord/Vassel relation is not the cut and dried superior/inferior relationship I see some folks cultural bias presenting. Being a vassel state to the empire simply means thats your polity has a specific relationship and set of responsibilities to the empire, and the empire has EAQUALLY as strict a set of requirments governing the empire responsibility to the vassel state. The requirements are typically a Military obligation to serve the empire, followed by an obligation to folllow the empire lead politically ((this does not mean the vassle states agree, or are even expected to. If a Vassle thing a course of action is a Very Bad Idea, they are expected to say so. Please look at the relationships of Damio's and Vassle Samuri in Japan during the 15th century leading into the period of the Tokogawa shogonate))

The Gorn are at present more of a Protectorate as they recover from Undine infiltration, but the KDF apparently has a great deal of respect for the Gorn. The eveidence says the KDF was un interested in conquest of the Gorn Star Kingdom, else why would the gorn be operating as part of the KDF with thier ships in so short a period after being invaded? Note as an example Japsn and Germany waited a number of years before they were permitted militaries again after the second world war. Both nations have only just start
ed to operate outside of thier own territorial boundries during the last 20 years, and even then only in the most limited of ways.

Klingons are not aliens remember, they're an alien race invented by humans, so they take a great deal from us, and have evolved a very great deal since the days of TOS.

So to put paid to any arguments, it doesn't really matter how a species ended up in KDF service. As far as the KDF is concerned there required to conform to the standards set by Klingon service. Seems that its doable eh? Of course there will be issues... we call those story hooks! *grin*

Perhapes the most important thing to remember about service in the Klingon Empire is Klingons will not willingly serve under any one they do not respect or consider honorable (by thier own personal standards)... I would expect this mind set has been rapidly addapted by the Allied and Vassel races of the Empire.

Remember, as a junior officer you can kill a ships captain in the empire if they keep making bad decisions. Of course, you better be right...

Klingon society does not surrender freedoms for the greater good. It's just not part of thier mindset. And they have real difficulies when ever they have run up against a requirement to do so when dealing with thier on and off alliances with the Federation (currently in an off state if you missed it).

The are no exact parallels to the KDF in earth history. The culture borrows liberally from the Norse men, Japans samuri, the Mongols, the Greek city states, the condonttiari period of the Italian city states (Klingons get Macciavelli dude, like totally) and others. with hidiously complex weavings of obligation, priviledge, duty, honor, and social position. The primary difference between our present day american society is you must always show yourself worthy of your responsibilities. Even the chancellor has to prove himself every day or risk being toppled. The "Klingons" lead the empire because they have shown a ruthless pragmatisim and the ability to do it best. They do play politics. The other races in the KDF would be far less restive if the Klingons were not, and if they were unable to provide a fair and inclusive government for the Empire.

The Klingon Defence Forces do have one firm and fast rule though...

Non Warriors need not apply.

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