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02-15-2013, 11:17 AM
As I've plotted out on the Subspace Agenda, The Officer Reports even currently swaps places with the Dilithium Mining event in the rotation.

*IF* the Officer Report does nothing, they could replace it with the Dilithium Mining Event to make that consistently happen within the cycle, but I'm not convinced that an EC/XP bonus is "nothing", regardless of how easy it is to come by through other means.

If Fleet Marks is the issue, they could add Fleet Marks to the Mirror Universe Event (which it sounds like they're going to do anyway)

The Vault Shuttle Event is the one event I think hasn't made sense after they implemented the Romulan Reputation. That should be incorporated into the Reputation bonus event and give extra Romulan Marks.

The way the schedule is laid out, they could more easily make the Vault Shuttle Event into another "Bonus Reputation" hour and either have a bonus rep hour before and after the Fleet Marks event or combine it into one 2-hour event and place it adjacent to the Fleet Marks event.

EDIT: Also, I see this topic has been moved from General Discussion and into the Foundry. Isn't this thread more about the schedule of events and Fleet Marks than foundry missions?

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