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This is not my "worst" but more to show the state of affairs..........

I answer PESTF for ISE, jump in, long story short, finish everything in time.....
Afterword one of the players jumps on the PESTF channel b****ing that their ship sucks....
(Spent a sizable amount of time dead, not fixing injuries) I say some smart-*** comment to the effect of "...fix your ship and you won't die so much.". Anyway I offer the person some advice, the individual is somewhat unreceptive. Then somewhere in the conversation I ask to see this person's load-out ...... 'ho boy......ALL torpedoes, and mines.....every. weapon. slot. Plus stuff like bio-function top it off it was all common too.....
So...after calmly explaining why you shouldn't do that the person was vaguely receptive. This individual was whining that the Shield Amp was 1 Mil EC, so I was feeling generous and tried to give this person some equip that I wasn't using......[ May or may not have been useful, this person could have burned it for all I care...]...they Refuse my Kindness.....ok......After a series of questions I determined that this individual has no clue how the game mechanics work, and what's worse didn't care to learn. I was just stunned, this person could not comprehend why running all torps and mines in an ESTF(any of 'em) is 'prolly not a good idea. The bizare thing was this person would type things that would indicate that this person knew better. This individual would act like a know-it-all then do/say something completely opposite of what an experienced player ought to know.......

This was from the PESTF Channel......this individual was running in Elite STFs........ with all common torps and all weapon slots......[I'll 'prolly get flamed by somebody saying "equipment isn't everything!!"...which in the right hands, ok, not the point.]....I just, I dunno...pffft....whatever......I 'prolly got trolled........
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It's ok, I had a horrible CSE a few days ago. Was bored, so hopped on my Imperial on my Tac (yes, a tac in a cruiser, even though I have a fleet defiant... but hey, boredom is boredom XD), and joined up with a group on one of the STF channels. We enter the CSE, and I sigh as I see the team comp. All science captains (not a bad part), all of them in Odysseys (still not that bad). So I figure, eh, this will just take a while. We all head towards mid except for the guy on guard duty, who I am happy to see immediately chevron seps and starts heading towards the left BoPs. I am also happy to see him running a full single cannon-turret build. Sufficed to say, I safely ignore him for the rest of the match since he just slaughters everything.

But at mid cube... the first thing I see... is the other 3 hit BFAW. HERP. A. DERP. I just focus down the nanites one by one with my imperial, and then the insults start rolling in as they realize I am a tac captain. "Where's your escort, why you in a cruiser..." blah blah blah. I just ignore it and keep on shooting. First oddy drops literally seconds in. Apparently mama cube doesn't like being shot. She drops two of the Oddys before I manage to take down the bottom row, and then I take out one of the top row nanites and move into position to take out the Neggy. Oddy #3 has started it's BFAW stupidity again, and the Cube just kills it. The Neggy has de-cloaked at this point, and I am blasting it from the sides and rear, with FOMM and APA3 going. It drops in about 20 seconds, after which I then take down the raptor and finish off both the nanites. By now I noticed the cube was giving me a little more love than before, and I realized that the Oddys had ditched me and were attacking the left cube. So I finished off the nanites and moved over there, on fire and under attack, but still fine.

Meanwhile on Kang... yeah... nothing going on, the cannon Oddy is doing fine. Kudos to that guy.

At left... well as you can imagine, BFAW again, Oddys popping left and right... take out the nanites on bottom, and then one on top... and then the hilarity of watching all 3 Oddys destroyed by a single iso charge. Rinse and repeat... take out the Neggy and raptor (all 3 Oddys are dead at this point) and finish off the nanites, and start on the Cube. Drop it in about a minute (blew my APA3 and FOMM, so my overall damage output was lowered). I then head mid... and to my horror I see the 3 Oddys have respawned... AND ARE GOING RIGHT. I call the Kang Oddy over, and we manage to kill the 3 raptors in mid before they touch the Kang, and he rushes back over to right where the 3 morons are having trouble stopping the raptors coming from that direction. Then after the raptors drop, let the BFAW commence once more... I kill the mid cube, takes about 40 seconds (APA3 off cd), and head towards right as the Neggys spawn... and guess what... the morons don't fire on them, they keep on shooting at the nanites.

So it's just me and Kang guard firing on these Neggys, we drop them in about a minute and a half (that guy had pretty good DPS for a Sci-Cruiser), and meanwhile... yeah... in the space it took me to kill the cube, and it took for the two of us to down 3 Neggys... only one... ONE nanite has been destroyed. And two of the Oddys are already dead. So Kang Oddy and I down the last bottom nanites in literally SECONDS and take out a top nanite. Neggy spawns, decides it doesn't like me, hits me with an Iso charge which bounces and kills Oddy #3, and then I kill the Neggy. Kang Oddy kills off the raptor while I finish off the nanites, and then Kang Oddy drops a gravity well to stop the respawning Neggys from moving too far, then we finish off the last cube in the space of about 30 seconds (FOMM was off CD).

Meanwhile, the other two Oddys FINALLY respawn, and then they run over to kang and hail it. We get the opt with literally SECONDS left... (8 I believe), and then the carrier spawns. I get the amusement of watching them horribly time their BFAWs and the BoPs that spawn demolished all 3 of them at least once. Meanwhile myself and Kang Oddy were just pounding the carrier down. Took about 3 minutes, but the bugger finally dropped. After carrier go boom, I say "GG", and the mockery begins again. Should be noted, I never died, nor did Kang Oddy.

Later in the channel I saw the 3 stooges discussing their builds, and almost fell over laughing. They were running 8 beams each, and it was a rainbow technicolor mania. The hilarious part: all 3 were running the full Oddy set, and yet not once did I see a single aquarius nor a single chevron (other than Kang Oddy) that entire match. And it gets better: all of them were running the OPs Oddy and all of them were using power boosting consoles. And they had put each Uni console in it's area (I.E. Aquarius in a tac slot, Chevron in an engi slot, Bees in a sci slot). Sufficed to say, I was laughing for the next 10 minutes as they commented that Kang Oddy and I had been noobs and didn't know what we were doing.

Trolls? Possibly. Idiots? More likely.
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