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02-15-2013, 11:54 AM
estf channel is a joke. sorry to group all you guys but from what ive seen it deems true

man i did love your post tho. and this is what i see. the last run i did with elite stf jokers was i was with a fleet mate. they asked me if i ever did this before. ofc i said no im a ground stf guy. (had all 2 stf sets in my inv mk12 i might add) so i was using full borg. they were trying to explain infected elite and how it play out. i decided to troll them. well we blew up first small gate then went after the second small gate.

for what ever reason i have no clue my fleet mate on ts tell me look in team chat. lmao the 3 jokers started to try to abuse my sci catbox saying how much of a noob i am and i should stick to ground. lmao? i did get mad and said im carryingall 3 of you clowns. lol they could not stay alive. i was over working my healing. well these guys on escourts had et. wtf? so clown 1 decides to use et then gets assimilated. well i had to give up my only tt copy over and over to these jokers and my fleet mate had to cover me with his.

yeah we understand team play. well the jokers got me so mad at being called noob i flashed both mk12 space sets. so they told me i was carried and thats how i got them. well lets just say after that they never got a heal from me and all they saw was the respwn timer lol

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