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02-15-2013, 12:03 PM
hfmudd: Not sure what you had in mind for the soundtrack of your story, but I took the liberty of choosing a song that in my opinion really captures the foreboding and the sadness of your story. (It also seems to fit New York City itself.) Trust me...just listen to the whole thing. There are only a few lyrics, but when they

That song is Porcupine Tree, "3." ( )

For my entry, I have a few songs that influenced me as I wrote.

"Valtari" by Sigur Ros. (An instrumental that says everything, emotionally, that needs to be said. The song doesn't go anywhere, to speak of. It simply is a place and a time.)

"Svyati" by John Tavener: (I can imagine Alyosha listening to this in his quarters back on board his ship, as he tries to narrate this log, constantly backing up, deleting his work, and trying again until he is finally able to say something that he feels does at least some justice--or at least doesn't do an injustice--to the hallowed place where he stood.)

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