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02-15-2013, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We're going to implement a temporary fix that will prevent ET from having adverse effects on beneficial abilities/modes like EBC and Garumba Seige Mode.

The down side is that this will make it so that ET can only completely cleanse Viral Matrix, if used >3 seconds after it is applied to the target. Otherwise, the effects of ET will wear off before the final VM subsystem offline variable occurs.

This is a temporary state of affairs that we will revisit in the future.
so when a target is hit by a vm that lasts 13-14 seconds and has a chance to have extra subsystems proc offline (thanks to 1-3 doffs that can each trigger an extra system offline after 7 or seconds)...

the only way to clear all that is to basically wait until the vm has already gone through at least 3 seconds so that when you use the engineering team its last second will be at the 8 second mark so that those "extra" offline systems that are triggered will be covered by the engineering team.

thats what youre telling us correct?

thats basically what has had to be done already, so youre basically reverting the engineering team to how it was right?
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