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02-15-2013, 01:21 PM
Ok. For what it's worth:

Top 3 short term requests:

1) Adjust the fleet base system resource drops so that these huge, dedicated group projects can be advanced by the players doing the things they enjoy doing, not the things that Cryptic feels that they should do. Engaging in PvP combat, running Cryptic's missions, PvE events, STFs, running random patrols in space, and foundry missions should all be viable ways of obtaining the things that fleet base construction requires. Arbitrarily funneling player time into tedious, boring, repetitive tasks will quickly make a game feel stale. Opening up the avenues by which a fleet can advance itself will help things feel fresher longer as players can switch between play styles.

2) Improve the utility of beam-based weapons. They do not necessarily need to do more DPS, but making them more accurate or more likely to generate procs can increase their effectiveness without stealing the cannon's thunder.

3) Rebalance the high end Galaxy variants. Added survivability is nice, but the game's mechanics do not seem to provide Galaxy captains a way of capitalizing on it. Anemic DPS and iffy engineering consoles makes it harder for the ship to draw aggro.

3 mid term requests:

1) Open up the Fleet Starbase system some. Let fleets be able to exchange resources for temporary access to each other's vendor loadouts and ship yards. This makes smaller fleets less onerous to run as one doesn't necessarily need to spend months and years of additional grinding in order to obtain high end gear. This also lets larger fleets have a way of generating more income. It also gives fleets an impetus to grow as obtaining the next tier of weapons or ships means they can rent out those things for additional resources.

2) Add fleet story missions. Create a chain of missions similar to what you would get playing the single-player episodic content that can only be run by 3 or 5 members of the same fleet. The missions would award some interesting reward for completing the chain as well as typical fleet resources. It gives fleets an additional avenue to advance themselves as well as providing a change of pace for folks already burned out by existing content.

3) Give us non-humanoid character builder stuff. The character generator is great, but it would be nice to be able to play as or make a character that isn't, essentially, a human with odd proportions and a funny head. It's mostly flavor stuff, admittedly, but it would be fun.

3 long term requests:

1) Asset scaling. I know it will require a lot of work, but maybe making building that don't look like they were built for giants from some bygone era or bridges smaller than football fields would be nice.

2) More factions to play as. The Romulan/Remans are well-developed enough to warrant their own mini-faction at least. The First Federation could also be introduced, giving players a new set of races to try out and some interesting ships of their own.

3) Revised ship classes. The current setup was fine when the game started, but as more ships have been added, it seems that revising ship roles some and adding, perhaps, a new ship class or two could add some more variety to the game. We could standardize carriers and add pet-boosting abilities to Tac BOffs (or make new "Wing Commander" BOffs and stations). We could also split cruisers into Command Cruisers with several built in always-on team buffs to choose from and Heavy Cruisers with bonuses to hulls and shields and ways to spike aggro without needing to generate DPS. Stuff like that.

So, there ya go!