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02-15-2013, 01:34 PM
Yes. We have someone working on changing the KDF tutorial right now.
1. Is this a "working in their spare time" statement, laudable as that is?

If and when we release a Romulan faction, you can expect that it would set the stage for how a Cardassian, Borg, or any other faction would be introduced into the game.
... and perhaps a 're-introduction' for a renewed Klingon faction.

2. Will socketed gear be derived from the crafting system?

I don't understand how lockbox ships are seen by the developers as being "proportionally rare" when you can often find yourself in a PUG team with 4 out of five non-faction ships.

I don't think I'll ever understand the developer's obsession with expanding the Mirror Universe. I understand it has its fans, but, surely, its the prime universe which should be the content priority. I worry that if a MU centric FE series was ever created it would send the wrong signal to the devs on how many people played it. I feel we'd all play it because we like any content over no content - and not because we prefer the game to delve into the Mirror Universe instead of primary canon meat and potatoes.

... and yay for IDIC hopefully in May.
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