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02-15-2013, 01:44 PM
My most recent bad STF wasn't actually that bad, just a lot of work on my part. We lost one person due to a disconnect for a KSE. Hit the tac cube, and I went to handle right probes - we were organized, and had someone on left probe duty. The other two went to start taking down the left gateway.

Now, don't get me wrong - we got the optional with 20 seconds to spare (), but I basically did over 60% damage to the tac cube in the beginning, solo'd the 2 cubes on my side, and finished off a cube that wandered over from the left with 80% health remaining. I took out the generators, transformers, and gateway on my side and still had time to rejoin the group and blow 5 generators, the remaining cube, and everything else.

Such a lot of work. Nice people, just not very good. One of them was all "GG! We did great with just 4 people!" while I'm biting my tongue.

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next time don't use autofire on an SFT.
Nothing wrong with autofire if you know what you're doing - I have one button specifically mapped to both clear target and recall fighters.

I've blown a generator early before (because we can't really cancel our plasma torps), but I do enough DPS (around 12k on target) to blow the transformer before anything gets there anyway.

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best way that most people do it and faster is while team goes right, kills all nanites, 1 escourt shoots trash going for kang, comes back to group, pops first cube team goes mid, escourt kills trash on left coming for kang, back to mid kills mid, works on left gg kill carrier.
This is completely wrong. RML only works in teams with sufficient DPS - when I'm with good people (most members of UFP and our allies, or private STF channels) we can do RML and clear CSE in around 5 minutes. In a PUG or groups from public channels, MRRMLL is safest and easiest because... well, some people suck.

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this individual was running in Elite STFs........ with all common torps and mines......
With 3 purple projectile officers, having 2 plasma torps and an omega could work, I think. Not with commons and without DOffs, though.

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estf channel is a joke. sorry to group all you guys but from what ive seen it deems true
When I first joined PESTF, it was good. People all knew what they were doing (10%, MRRMLL, 3/2 split on KSE) and had competent builds. Recently it's been full of weaksauce that's barely better than PUGs. (Like the 3 I mentioned in my story above.) It's like weak people heard "Oh, there are strong players there" and joined en masse, utterly diluting the quality of the inhabitants.

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