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02-15-2013, 01:49 PM
Q: (startrek44) Small fleets are still struggling to keep up with all the projects. Will you change the system in some way to make it easier for them?
Dstahl: We continue to review fleet sizes and fleet holding progress and it is true that small Fleets are having a harder time at completing projects. A primary reason is that the Fleet sizes in STO range from 1 member up to 500 members. We considered two options when we created the Fleet Projects. Option A was that fleet size would determine the maximum tier for Fleet Holdings. The larger the Fleet, the higher the Fleet Holding Tiers could achieve. This is how other MMOs have developed Guilds, but we felt that it is artificially limiting to active small fleets. Option B was to allow Fleets of any size to achieve all tiers of Fleet Holdings. The drawback is that because fleet size range so much, we had to find a balance so that large fleets had some challenge, while still allowing small fleets to achieve all tiers, albeit at a much slower pace. So from our perspective we choose the sensible Option B, with the goal of ensuring that our active large Fleets didn?t have a cake-walk. The end result is that smaller Fleets can achieve maximum Starbase sizes, but it is a bit harder. We can empathize with the challenge as the Dev team has a small fleet and has only achieved a Tier 3 Starbase so far. We are entertaining other options that may be useful for smaller fleets in the future (merging fleets, reducing costs based on fleet size, etc.), but for now this is our current design.

Do the devs have a KDF fleet and if so how is it doing?

The KDF queues are horrid and take sometimes past an hour to kick off.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!