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02-15-2013, 02:50 PM
It would really be nice if there was a response from the other side of the fence on this. Something besides the player-generated shower of (useful, and I posted some myself) darts thrown at the workaround dartboard.

There are some players for whom none of the posted workarounds are 100%, and for them it's gamebreaking unless you call running a ship without a bridge crew, or with a partial bridge crew acceptable.

It's just possible I should have waited a while to go gold, although I only bit on it for 3 months. We had a saying early on in Asheron's Call; "Never play on Patch Day". The industry as a whole has gotten better about that, but seeing the sheer volume of posts on the forums since the last patch where the attitude conveyed is "Great, another bad patch." isn't not giving me warm and fuzzy feelings....any more than reading about the Borg Boff project store bug where it has been pointed out that the bug was clearly identified and acknowledged on Tribble and still pushed to production. That's a flawed process, period.

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