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02-15-2013, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
I'm not sure what the big fuss over the removal is. Were that many people using it for fleet marks? You know there's plenty of easier, quicker ways?

I'm currently part of a small fleet. By small, I mean we have 2 active members, and the other person isn't really all that active. I haven't been doing Foundry missions at all lately, and by the time our fleet projects actually get the dilithium needed to progress, I've got more than enough fleet marks purely from doffing. I have about 10,000 fleet marks on each character at this point with something like 4 million fleet credits earned so far between all my characters.

On topic, that looks like a really sleek ship, and I love it for the looks. I just hope the stats and gameplay will be something that fits my preferred playstyle.
I'm curious to know whether or not you've maxed out your doff tiers. How many purples and blues do you have? Don't you think that people who don't have it maxed out yet won't be criting as much as you, so they won't be getting as many marks?
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