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02-15-2013, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by sparhawk View Post
So is this the ship that breaks the no more than 4 forward or aft weapon slots Mr. Stahl referenced in the latest Ask Cryptic. If this has more than 4 forward weapons on an escort we'll be seeing some interesting threads on the forums.
The way its been going for power creep on escorts I expect this to be the first T6 ship:

40k hull
17 turn
1.2 shield mod
5 forward weapon slots
4 aft weapons
11 consoles (5 Tac, 3, sci, 3 eng)
20+ power to weapons

Andorian Berserker Console - doubles flight speed and Dmg for 15 seconds

That will allow her to put out a 50k DPS alpha strike

Escort tac captains will be happy!