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02-15-2013, 02:29 PM
When will this game stop being stripped of all that is good?

Foundry Duty officer reports now not offering Fleet Marks? It was the only good way of gaining a small chunk of these in any time - hardly worth playing the PvE when you either get shoved into a team that has either never played or cares for following the order of the event... Half hours work for 27FMs

Romulan Distress Call: Mogai & D'deridex changed to 60 seconds but still with a 15 minute cool-down?

To be honest, I have stopped complaining about Dilithium, appears to fall on deaf ears! But at least stop taking away the other benefits. As it stand, I spend a lot of REAL money on this game a month as I like it, but sorely losing interest with the changes being made without player consideration.

Please consider better Fleet Mark Events with as SET Minimum Earn - Say, 50FMs Per PvE/30mins cool down