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Actually, this is pretty much the way I have the captain swear up a storm, one of such tirade aimed at Franklin Drake. I forget the name of the mission I based the story on, but it's the one where it turns out to be a holodeck simulation set up by Drake. (As a side note: Myself and two other friends have a sort of combines head-canon, which combines our three ships and crews in-universe and takes major ques from the game but does not follow it to the letter, and none of us like Franklin Drake. Nothing against him in general, but he has pulled several **** moves in the missions involving him.)
Well there you go. In fact, Drake is an antagonist of my current story with Luke, and the reason he is going "rogue". I tend to not involve canon characters directly, or if I do, not very deep in the story (personal thing for me, not against it. They put them out there, I think people should be able to use them), so it's his representatives that Luke will deal with, so that Drake in the end could always say he had nothing to do with it.

Drake does seem like a character that many characters would love to let loose some colorful words on. lol

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