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Originally Posted by richarddover View Post
As of today it is impossible for me to assign, reassign or unassign any bridge officers, on any ship, on any character on my account.
I've tried changing instance, changing ships, changing to shuttle, warping in and out of system and sector space. I've tried logging out and in again, I've tried closing the game entirely and running it again.
Problem exist on all 6 Fed characters and all 3 Klingon characters I have.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas for a workaround that works?
If you have at least one open spot on your boff roster and there are enough cheap boffs on the exchange then yes I may have one for you:

-One ship at a time, buy a new set of the cheapest boffs you can find...enough for all that ship's stations.
-One slot at a time (for the entire following process), activate the appropriate new should leap into the empty slot automatically (if not, select it).
-Once it's slotted, change the slot to select the boff you want in that slot and dismiss the newly bought bargainboff.
-Rinse and repeat.

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