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(A rule of thumb for the bridge crew is that I accepted everyone the game gave me with no changes to their names and wrote the stories around their races, professions and when the game introduced them. One interesting result is that there's just one lone human aboard the USS Roanoke... )

Female Andorian, Tactical Officer (First Officer)

A fellow survivor of the Borg attack on Vega Colony, Ensign Corspa had only served aboard the USS Khitomer for a few weeks before her ship came under attack. After Azera Xi averted a warp core breach on the Khitomer, Corspa returned the favor by helping restore the Roanoke's crippled systems and devastated chain of command. As fiercely combative and calculating as any Andorian, she quickly took charge of the remaining security detail and managed to bring the ship's weapons back online just in time to fight off an approaching Borg cube. When Azera Xi was promoted afterward to acting captain of the USS Roanoke, Corspa accepted a transfer to the Roanoke's crew as its tactical chief and first officer.

Nyzoph Ythlip
Male Andorian, Engineering Officer (Chief Engineer)

When Azera Xi took full command of the USS Roanoke, one of the first bridge candidates assigned to her from Earth Spacedock was the ingenuous Andorian engineer Nyzoph Ythlip. Unfortunately, Nyzoph's reaction upon arriving on the bridge was outrage at the sight of Corspa, and their argument quickly led to a physical confrontation that ended with a phaser being drawn on both of them. Despite her better judgement, Azera accepted each one's apology and claim of responsibility, and approved his assignment. The two Andorians have developed a grudging respect for one another, while the rumors about their animosity range from Corspa and Nyzoph being rivals in the Imperial Guard to their being former lovers.

Female Trill, Science Officer (Operations)

Auslaz had always dreamed of becoming a joined Trill. They seemed almost like gods to her, with memories spanning centuries and lifetimes woven forever into the symbiont's being. That sense of reverence may have been the very reason the Symbiosis Commission rejected her as an initiate, though her skittish, timid demeanor probably also played a hand. Left without a sense of purpose, she eventually applied to Starfleet Academy and, after graduating with honors, became an astrophysicist aboard the Roanoke. When Corspa and Nyzoph nearly came to blows during their first meeting, she was the one who drew a phaser to break up their fight, and since then she's gradually begun to regain her self-confidence.

Umliz Kwam
Male Bajoran, Science Officer (Chief Medical Officer)

Umliz Kwam's resignation from the Vedek Assembly sparked a wave of controversy on Bajor, and his subsequent decision to reenlist in Starfleet, on the condition of an immediate transfer to Azera Xi's command, raised questions about his mental health. Having already served aboard the USS Venture during the Dominion War, he was immediately assigned to the Roanoke as a bridge science officer alongside Auslaz. A calm, spiritual figure even under the most trying circumstances, Kwam explains his motives only by saying that he serves the Prophets. He's also become something of a mentor to the young captain, and hints in their conversations that he believes she may be far older than she suspects.

Angel Jermaine Cragin
Male Human, Tactical Officer (Security Chief)

Angel Cragin never really believed his father's nostalgic stories about the Federation. Born and raised on Cestus III, a colony world that began its history with a massacre and now sits on the front lines of the Klingon war, he enrolled in Starfleet less out of ideology than to protect his home from its enemies. His cynical outlook served him well as a criminal investigator, though, and after meeting Corspa at a Tactical Ops seminar and later helping the crew capture a Ferengi arms dealer, he transferred from Starbase 114 to become the ship's security chief. His presence aboard the Roanoke has attracted the notice of baseball fans, who still remember his previous stint as star pitcher of the Cestus Comets.

Luverala Onploz
Male Betazoid, Engineering Officer (Helm)

Luverala Onploz may be Betazed's most reluctant telepathic prodigy. As a psychically gifted child, he made both medical history and military history during the occupation of Betazed by using his empathic powers to reduce an entire Dominion base to a cataleptic stupor. That he did so by instinctively projecting his own terror at being captured by the Jem'Hadar into the minds of everyone around him is less well known, though it led to his becoming a Starfleet engineer, a career where he need never read another person's thoughts. As a bridge officer on the Roanoke he's gradually befriended Auslaz, whose shy demeanor he shares, and Azera Xi, who likewise struggles with controlling her telepathic abilities.

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