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02-15-2013, 02:59 PM
Personal Log: "When it Rains..."
Stardate 90718.56

Another day, another confrontation with Klingon "Ambassador" B'vat. I question the use of that word to describe him, but then again, this is a culture that managed to go all the way from prehistory to a spacefaring empire without ever inventing a word for peace. Maybe it's to be expected that Klingon ideas about diplomacy are a little more roughshod than our own.

We still don't know what he's up to other than that it involves developing weapons that can pierce solid neutronium. Auslaz has been practically indignant ever since our mission in the Briar Patch, insisting that what he's trying to do is impossible. Not just difficult or beyond our technology, but literally impossible. It seems that way to me too, but after reading the historical logs from ships like the Enterprise, impossible doesn't sound like such a safe bet. And any weapon that could dent neutronium would be more than a match for anything else in the universe.

Our leads have dried up for now, but we have Admiral Quinn's assurance that they're continuing to question Marta and will contact us with any new information about B'vat's plans. We've also been offered the dubious assistance of a strange intelligence officer who claims to represent Section 31. I heard the rumors about them in the Academy and, needless to say, I'd be wary of accepting his offer even if he's being completely honest.

Especially if he's being completely honest.

* * *

I'd hoped to investigate our mysterious Mr Drake further, but the Borg apparently had other plans. They launched another offensive in the Sirius sector and this time we couldn't gather enough starships to drive them back. They didn't attack any star systems, though, or even make an effort to assimilate the disabled ships in our fleet. One of the Borg command ship's probes scanned our bridge and then... they just stopped. All the Borg ships simply left, as though they'd already accomplished their goal.

I swear I can still feel that cold green sensor beam sweeping across my skin. It's been almost an hour since the Borg fleet vanished from long-range sensors, but I can still hear their voices in my head. Vessel Six of Ten, Unimatrix 47. Biogenic analysis complete, set course for Matrix 010, Grid 23...

It's going to be another bad night.

* * *

On the bright side, our visit to Risa went great and I think our two new bridge officers are going to work out well. I only spoke with Angel Cragin through the viewscreen when he helped us arrest Captain Mok, but he's every bit as charming in person as he seemed then. A bit on the cynical side, perhaps, but a little skepticism can be a good thing for a security chief.

I just hope the three messages I've already received from the crew asking for his autograph aren't a sign of things to come: handling a famous baseball player turned Starfleet officer's adoring fans isn't really something they teach you about at the academy.

Luverela Onploz hasn't quite had such a celebrated arrival, but he's certainly no less interesting. Betazoids are naturally telepathic, much more so than I am, and I couldn't resist trying to greet him by thought. His mind answered me with a musical clarity I've never felt from anyone, but then he spoke aloud to make it stammeringly clear that he'd prefer not to use his abilities.

As renowned an engineer as he is today, he was considered a telepathic prodigy as a child. I wonder what happened?

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