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# 1 Animations in this game...
02-15-2013, 03:38 PM
I didn't bother to search if anyone complained about this before but I suppose no one did.

When the hell will you guys make some better animations for this game?

This game has the absolutely worst and most horrifying animations I have seen in my entire life. Those simple hand waving and nodding gestures are EMBARRASSING.

I was just showing this game yesterday to my friend, I play STO since F2P launch and have spent well over 200 euros on it.

So I show the game to my friend and he wants to see some of the campaign as he called it. So I open up a random episode and there is a cutscene. I am embarrassed by the poor design and animations and my friend starts laughing and asking if this game is pre-Morrowind.

He had a bloody point. When will these be improved?
I had to endure these animations when we beamed over to New Romulus for the first time and had to watch that guy do those same gestures you see EVERY OTHER NPC do throughout the game.
Please do something about this!