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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
Bingo. Profanity is the refuge of the inarticulate.
My grandfather was a tough guy. During WWII he was a Navy SEABEE, building airfields and things all over the Pacific. After the war he was ironworker, responsible for building - among other things - much of Disneyland and the Vincent Thomas Bridge that spans Long Beach Harbor.

He always told me "Folks only swear 'cuz their too stupid to think of anything else to say."

Coincidentally, here's a list of Klingon swear words and approximate English equivelents:

baQa' - crap, or s---
ghuy' - damn
ghuy'cha - a stronger version of the above
Hu'tegh - strong ivective with no direct English equivelent; usually precedes and intensifies the word petaQ
jay' - sentence modifier placed at the end, similar to inserting "the hell" or "the f---" into a question. The intensity is somewhere between these two. Example: qaStaH nuq (what's going on) becomes qaStaH nuq jay' (what the ---- is going on)
petaQ - most commonly-used Klingon insult, similar to b------ or a------
Qovpatlh - uworthy or insignificant person
Qu'vatlh - literally "a hundred tasks"; an expression of frustration
QI'yaH - one of the strongest expletives in the Klingon language with no direct English equivelent (it would take a combination of several words, none of which are printable, to express this in English.)
toDSaH - wimp or wuss
yIntagh - idiot or moron