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02-15-2013, 04:06 PM
I'm not so sure if this belongs into this thread, so if not please apologize.

I really like the Regent Class Model, but i find it sad that it doesn't really fit with some other Assault Cruiser ship parts. Before the Regent was released, i was quarreling with the availlable assault cruiser ship parts (for years), because i couldn't find a pleasing (for me) ship parts combination. Now that we have some of the really gorgeous looking regent ship parts i find it really sad that they are mostly incompatible with the other availlable assault cruiser ship parts, especially when it comes to the Regents neck, engineering hull and the pylons (which i like the most).

What bothers me is that when using the Regent Hull and other model necks the Back of the Engineering hull looks really bad. But also i understand this would be hard to do.

The worst thing that bothers mme is when using the Regent Hull and the regent Neck, some saucers are just deplaced, like the Majestic saucer for example.

Here Regent Saucer + Regent Neck + Regent Engineering hull:

Majestic Saucer + regent Neck + Regent Engineering Hull:

As you can see, the Saucer is to way too much to the rear. This is just a example, Noble and Sovereign Class Saucers have the same Problem. So the whole ship looks jolted (i hope that's the right word).
I think it wouldn't be very hard to re-place the Majestic, Noble and Sovereign saucers a bit more to the front, when combinded with the Regent Neck.
I'm just a layman but i cannot imagine this could take longer than fifteen minutes.

I really hope that some friendly Dev takes a couple of minutes to fix this little problem, i would really appreciate if this could be done, i think it would help really to make this ship have finally some really nice looking alternatives.

Just as a reference, when using the Majestic or Sovereign Neck, the Regents Engineering hull looks like THIS:
Sovereign Neck:

Majestic Neck:

I hope clearly visible, the Engineering hulls "strouts" are just choped off, which looks really bad. If not, just try it out in game and you will se what i am talking about.

Btw: Noble Class Neck looks just as bad, so devs pretty please fix the saucer position, when using the Regents neck.
Otherwise there is almost no good looking combination where the Regent Hull could be used with other Assault Cruiser variants, which is a shame IMHO.

Thank you.

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