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02-15-2013, 04:52 PM
Short Term:
  • Finished Klingon PVE Content
  • Re-buffed offensive Science BOFF powers
  • Separate walk animations from stances
  • Matte selection for tailor and general seam improvements

Mid Term:
  • Complete, INDEPENDENT, Romulan Faction (Romulans, Remans, and Hirogen... oh my)
  • Customizable ship interiors, TOS Movie Bridges, Wrath of Khan uniform update (pip-striping for admirals and rank insignia for all other officers)
  • More Off-Duty attire, especially for social zones (something(s) appropriate for Risa and Andoria)
  • Larger control of Enemy NPC spawning in Foundary Missions to add depth and appropriate level of challenge intended

Long Term:
  • Complete, independent, True Way Faction (Dominion, Cardassian, et al)
  • Rank restructure (being an admiral must make sense or not exist)
  • More purpose for ship interiors
  • Ship balance achieved
  • Complex trigger system and mechanics available for Foundary to make puzzles and failure possible

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