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02-15-2013, 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by dan6526 View Post
... I saw the Ke'hleyr (sp?) outfit and think that'd make a CLASSY sexy Klingon female. Something they could appreciate I'm sure. Plus there's missing ST V and Lursa outfits for Klingon Women too.

I also feel oddly out of place on Risa... no matter what I wear, like being strangely over-dressed? On Andoria, I feel strangely under-dressed - just cannot place it really.
I agree, Ke'hleyr's outfits would make pretty good additions (samples here) as the KDF seriously needs some decent clothing options. Also don't forget about the outfit Valkris wore in ST III (pic1 pic2)

For Andoria you can always wear a coat, provided you managed to snag one during the Winter Wonderland event.

But Risa could really use some type of bathing suit. If they're worried about hoards of bikini-clad officers roaming the game world they could make the suits go in the armor slot (like environmental suits) and have them be a consumable that's tied to the instance so they disappear when you leave Risa... like some of the special items you pick up in FE episodes.

Just a thought.