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02-15-2013, 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
In part 2 of the geko interview with priority one, he has just said that he would really like to get a Ferasan carrier, probably tactical based, into the game. they wanted to do it the same time as the caitian one but ran out of time.

so cats there is a very good chance we could see one and they want to do one. probably not soon in reality, but as they run out of canon ships this one is going to become more likely to appear. so im think maybe later this year as a very real possibility.
Ah, they'll really make me start to like carriers. I usually don't. But, as a proud owner of many cat chars. I seem rather obliged to get one.
Especially a Ferasan one.

Originally Posted by kalecto View Post
They should also make a Ferasan Raider 3-pack to counter the Andorian ship deployment!
I'm all-in for this!
If this Andorian escort turns up to be the "broadsider" or the "5 weapon slots ship" as people already speculate (although I doubt this ship will have those abilities), comes in a bundle of 3 and KDF gets 'nada' that would really have negative repercussions on KDF play.
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