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02-15-2013, 06:34 PM
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Oh Lowe....I pity you for buying the LTS. But I agree on the last bit. They could do so much with this franchise and yet they see us as a captive audience. Not only as Trek fans, but as gamers. There is a double draw there and as such the job of drawing us in is much easier. Pity then, that they take this opportunity and make such a poor job of it. Such potential wasted.

Sod it, I'm off to play skyrim.
Lowe? Olivia? What are your alternatives going to be?
It's becoming more and more clear that maybe some people need to step aside as far as PR goes. Probably even more from the development side as well. They talk so much about balance, yet I don't see any balance in fun vs money spent. It's all about the bottom line. They won't fix bugs like BOFFS not slotting or people not getting the proper reward for doing a spotlight mission, but I bet if the C Store went down, emergency server maintenance.

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