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# 913 annoying changes on sto
02-15-2013, 07:37 PM
the question is WHY,do they have to change all the time the good stuff they give us for a short period,they took dilithium out of stf,did the same in officer report,they keep making it harder to acquire primary item like dilithium and fleet marks,and i am not stating the ridiculus amount of romulan mark they give for doing azura.
they also give us purple duty officer witch fail mission time after time,they make us spent fleet credits on those same doff,but we are getting only the crap ones,the ones we can use to do anything,i have been playing sto every day for the past few years,i saw a lot of good changes,but the goal of the game always has been for me to have fun,and now there is no fun in grinding duff,cost to mutch dilithium,duff mission (all of them) have timer,so do the mission,fail it ,and wait again to try again...what is the point...

Why do sto dev keep doing such a thing to the game, they know the the casual player will
look up to the regular player for advice and tips on the game,if you managed to make me hate the game after almost 3 years of really good playing time (overall),imagine what it will do to the new player. And i am sure i am not the only one feeling that way about sto right now.........please give us the ability to do our duty officer missions,choose the duff we buy with our fleet credit,make it so we dont have to grind endless hours to acquire dilithium,so we can have fun with our fleetmates doing stf and fleet event and all the stuff we have to do on sto.

One last thing,it would be about time for you (dev) to give us the option for the fleet leader,keep track for a player on fleet store acquisition would tell the leader how many provision a player as bought,flag for banned new member that comes to the fleet only to steel stuff and then leave,annoying to the extreme it is.
I am not complaining about the quality of the game here,you (dev) have done a really good job at making sto enjoyable to play,congratulation on that.

Please do give us (all players) a break and give us the means to do our job as a captain of the fleet we are in,and allow us to gain dilithium,fleet marks and romulan marks to a respectable amount so we can enjoy the game.

the opinion of a fleet leader who is thinking seriously about quitting the game if no action is taken by the STO team.