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Originally Posted by captainoblivous View Post
Oh Lowe....I pity you for buying the LTS. But I agree on the last bit. They could do so much with this franchise and yet they see us as a captive audience. Not only as Trek fans, but as gamers. There is a double draw there and as such the job of drawing us in is much easier. Pity then, that they take this opportunity and make such a poor job of it. Such potential wasted.

Sod it, I'm off to play skyrim.
Lowe? Olivia? What are your alternatives going to be?
I am looking at Scarlet Blade when it's ready to come out. I already downloaded it, but unfortunately was not selected for the beta. I was going to try Tera, but I have heard real horror stories about their community. Accusations that I cannot discuss here have been slung by people in that game and apparently the devs there aren't doing anything about it. I did buy Mists of Pandaria when it came out, then quit Wow 3 days later so I could go back to that and it will all be new to me. I have something like 200k gold. Not sure if that's a lot now, but it's still a nice chunk of change.

All that or I could just redevelop a treatment I wrote a couple of months ago and talk to one of my clients about scripting it out.

And to sort of stay on topic find out if it was real or just people raging, I did one of the spotlight missions. It's true. We're not getting the ec OR the extra Dilithium. Really, do they not have people testing these things before they release them? Never saw problems like this from Blizzard.
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