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Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
In my mind "fleet gameplay" is anything I do teamed with a fleetmate. Be cool if we got fleet marks attached as a reward for any mission completion we do teamed with a fleetmate.

All teh rest though, I agree, should just be gameplay.
I am currently in 3rd place on my fleet leaderboards at about 1.1 million credits. Not a single one was earned alongside a fleetmate. I think we can establish that "Fleet gameplay isn't".

Originally Posted by bugshu View Post
They have taken the game too far into a grindfest. Every fleet leader knows everyday that many in his fleet are playing other games and doing other things rather giving into extortion based grind.
Grind isn't bad by itself, the great thing about videogames is that they're just as much about the journey as the destination. Grind is a journey, it can be fun, interesting and satisfying just as much as it can be crap.

If there were 15 STF's, a couple of "special" STF's that were only available for limited periods of time, 3-4 Defera-like invasion zones, and dynamic Borg incursions unique to every sector, and all of them gave roughly equal amounts of Marks and Dilithium based on the amount of time and effort involved, I really doubt people would be complaining as much.

But as it stands, there are eight options, and you must do those eight options, because everything else is too inefficient, and they're not getting changed because of... sacrilege... or something.

Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
I'm OK with that actually.

When I go to Disney World I very much appreciate that the Magical Kingdom and all the little kids screaming and running are "over there" while I'm over at Epcot where there are not as many little kids screaming and running. The futuristic park surrounds me versus the cartoonish and bubbly stuff over at MK.

In STO, the themepark-ness of it means I get to direct how I'm going to spend my time. If I want to do STF = fine and I get the rewards for time spent. Alternatively, I can just run to Memory Alpha and craft something for a few more EC. Then again, maybe I can go Patrol that system for a pew pew romp.

The point is *I* get to choose how to spend my time.
Not if you want fleet marks you don't.

I don't have to go to Space Mountain if I want ice cream, or to Tomorrowland if I want a cookie, or Toon Town if I want a plushie. Disneyland (cunningly) has vendors for those kinds of things all throughout the entire park so if you need something, it's always close by no matter where you are.

It doesn't matter how awesome the ride is, if the gift shop at the end is crap, then the customer leaves with a bad taste in their mouths.

It's the same with missions and their rewards. You could have the most well written mission, with clever puzzles, awesome visuals, and the best boss ever, but if it rewards 50 EC and warm fuzzy feelings it's still going to be disappointing. On the other hand if it gives a customizable bridge officer that can shoot lasers out of his eyes, or MC Hammer pants, or one of Guinans hats, that leaves the sweet feeling all the sweeter.

Investigate Officer Reports was perfect. After a really good, well written foundry mission it was simply the icing on the cake. After a bad one, you were still okay because you got an awesome reward.

Like you said, I'm okay with the missions being railroaded, it's just the rewards shouldn't be.

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.