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02-15-2013, 09:15 PM
There were some great bits in there.

FAW is well explained, but it sounds like it still needs to be ironed out because it involves an ability spanning programming issue.

A grid like territorial pvp system would only come after fixing normal pvp.

The Constellation class looks like it will be the next major star fleet canon c-store ship, with the picard maneuver console.

The Norway class might be one of the last canon additions star fleet wise.

Crafting expansion is a PWE mandate, but can only happen after May.

PVP will likely take things from NW, like the foundry.

The Negh'Var will likely be the next Klingon +1 c-store ship or something.
The Somraw, K'tinga, D'Kyr, D7, Kumari, Xindi carrier, Xindi escort, and the T'Varo are all older than the Constitution Refit and yet they are tier 5. The Constellation is made up primarily of Connie refit parts and it is tier 5, there is no logical reason whatsoever for the no tier 5/6 connie rule.