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02-15-2013, 09:47 PM
5 Tactical captains. all with 3 SNB Doffs, rommy boffs and consoles.

2 of them would be in Escorts with AP doffs as the remaining 2. The Escorts likely would be the new 5 forward weapon Andorian scorts or failing that, Bug ships.

2 would probably have cruisers, running warp plasma, T5 romulan sci booster.

1 would probably be a sci ship. For maximum jack assery I would probably make it a carrier.

Why bother with SNB when you can just waste away everyone's best stuff with the stupid doffs instead. Now if cryptic did something really really dumb (as opposed to just being fail tastic like normal) and they handed out doffs that gave you APA on a weapon proc, I'd swap the tacs all out for 5 scis.