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02-15-2013, 10:29 PM
Category: General abilities
Equipment: Torpedoes/Mines
Problem: Torpedo/Mine crew death proc too common/not in line with tooltip procs

There seem to be two problems related to torpedoes and mines. The first is that it seems that all torpedoes/mines have a chance to cause crew disable/death, even when it's not a listed proc; for example, chronitons can cause crew death although they don't have the crew death proc. (Compare to photon and quantum torpedoes, which DO have this proc.)

The second is that crew death procs aren't in line with what the tooltip reports; instead of taking the lesser magnitude numbers, it always takes the more negative (and thus greater in magnitude) crew death proc. For example, photon torpedoes say "50% chance: Lesser of -20 or -20% Able Crew"; however, it seems that on my 2500-crew Odyssey it always takes -20% able crew (up to -500 crew), instead of the -20 that the proc would indicate that it should. Oddly enough, it seems that on a 50-crew escort, instead of the -20% that it should take (which would equal -10 crew), it always takes the -20 crew instead. This suggests a coding error; instead of the lesser value in terms of magnitude (absolute value, so |-20| < |-500|), it's taking the numerically lower value (-500 < -20).

Together, these seem (ironically) lead to escorts having higher active crew in combat when compared to cruisers/sci vessels, if they try to get it. Escorts, with low crew values, suffer lower values of actual crew death (as low as -20, compared to -500 on the 2500-crew Oddy). I'm not sure, but this may also tie in with differences in crew regeneration and lead the stories we hear of escorts being able to have all of their crew active in combat, while a cruiser with any size crew struggles to even keep a small fraction of the crew active.

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