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10-04-2009, 09:24 PM
Originally Posted by Merivon View Post
I am curious how long Cryptic envisions the average player (10-12 hours of play per week) will take to get to admiral. Since there are only a few ranks, I am guessing that they set things up so this goal should take a while. I would hope for the better part of a year. I would really hate to see admirals flying around in a Prometheus after only a couple months.
My observation of MMOGs over many years is that players always find a way to "powerlevel" (i.e., a way to level much faster than the game designers anticipated or planned for). And, over time, the combination of experienced players leveling alts, players generally having access to mission guides, and loosening some beginning parameters for XP gain, tends to accelerate this process.

Keeping a lid on the proliferation of powerful items is one way to brake the drive to level, and another would be the use of real-time for certain parts of the game (I believe that EVE does this, as does Pirates of the Burning Sea in their econ play, and I'm sure that there are others).

Since there will be provision for multiple characters, no one will reasonably be denied the opportunity to play, regardless of how fast they can rack up skill points.

Perhaps one way to further limit the opportunities to powerlevel characters would be to have very limited ability to transfer items between characters. IF ships and equipment are "granted" to players as a result of their performance, then the opportunities for higher-level characters to finance their alts' advancement or outfitting will be limited. Of course, this would seriously impair any economic game or character (or race for that matter).