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02-16-2013, 12:44 AM
Dump the engineering team, and dump one of the extends.

Run 2 copies of EPtS1, an RSP 1, and then one copy each of Aux2Sif and ES, which one gets the higher rank doesn't matter too much.

Drop the TSS3 (you list TSS 1 and 2, but you really meant to write 2 and 3) and replace it with Science Team 3, and run two development lab doffs to get the cooldown on ST3 down to the 15s global. Replace the ensign slot ST1 previously inhabited with either another heal (TSS or HE), a PH for defense, or a tractor for offensive control.

Run three rapid fire transphasics (or two with the auxillary cannons) up front with two copies of spread in your tactical slots. Run a cluster torp in the back, and fill up the last two rear slots with two of the following three options: Transphasic/Chroniton mines, Romulan Hyper pulse torpedo, or a beam array for target subs. Consider running torp doffs.