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02-15-2013, 11:47 PM
Anime would be great if done right. In the past, anime like the Gundam series and the Yomato series has managed to bring audience deep stories almost on the line of past Star Trek series.

First of all, there is no need to think of practical effects and make up. You can have the most epic of space battles and weirdest of aliens.
Since there are no real life people to compare, the special effects and CG doesn't have to be perfect, therefore, not expensive.

If Paramount want to make a new series but save money, than an anime is a good way to do so.

Also, while Star Trek is only mildly popular in Japan (not as popular as Star Wars), there is an audience for it. And anime is not exclusively broadcasted in Japan since many other Asian countries and regions import anime to air as well. That will also make more money.

Lastly, merchandising will be fantastic. Anime based collectables and toys are very detailed and well made compared to American toys of the same caliber. Look at these Bandai models:Enterprise-E!!!, NX-01, and Consitution Refit. Even the windows light up. They are freaking detailed!
Japanese action figures are also much more articulate than the usual American action figures. Here are some examples from Figma: Michael Jackson, Link, Samus, and Miku.

They can get Star Trek to regain a foot hold in Japan and start up a fan base in the continent. With how well the JJ Trek did, they can easily start a new fandom in the region. It just has to done right.

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