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Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Give 'em time !
Right now they are scrambling to figure out how to give us back our FM in a way that it will appear that they are giving us more but in reality we will get less .

Hmmm ... , last time in the STF gate they gave us back more Dil , but it came with a Rep system that sucked out the Borg Neural Things from that equation .

Let's see if we get some super new "option" that sucks out a ton of FM along with a "we're giving you back more FM's ... -- aren't we just awsome for "listening" " line ?
Anyone who says "yes , but ..." to that "deal" will prolly get a free starship to light his way back to the Dilithium pits of Reemus ... .

"Work slaves ... the greater glory of the Decepticon Empire !!!"
Right now most of Cryptic team is on week-end miles away from something they are not seeing as a major issue with playerbase
Oh and a simple solution would be to simply set it back to foundry...

Even if they raise the marks rewarded on standard events, I here have been bored , tired and disgusted from playing them over and over .

I'm done with that.

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