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02-16-2013, 02:27 AM
I joined TOR when the released their Trial Account program. I was thoroughly enjoying the game. In fact, I was spending more time over there then here. It was more out of TOR being new then anything with STO....a change of pace if you will. I came back to STO with S6 to check out the new stuff. I liked Nukara. I went back to TOR after their F2P model went live once and have not been back since. Why? As a free player, I lost 2/3 of my crafting skills, most of my inventory space, and the titles I earned in game. It was bad enough that I did not have access to mail or a bank before hand. I may go back to dabble a little more but, their F2P model is too restrictive......and people are complaining about STO monetizing things.

So from what I have experienced

Customization: STO > TOR
Space Combat: STO > TOR
Ground Combat: TOR > STO
Story Content: TOR > STO
End Game: ? (Did not get any where near there)
Microtransactions: STO > TOR (You can get anything from the C-Store through in game means. Cartel Market is real life money only)

In the end, I will definitely be sticking to STO for the foreseeable future and beyond.