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02-16-2013, 03:00 AM
I am in absolute agreement with n0vastarone, the people responisble for this game are pathetic. I have never before has a problem with STO and that includes when i played on a USB Dongal modem. Now, in the last 72 hours i have had the beloved Auto updater problem, got around that thanks to the people who here who have taken time out to post help for those like me. With the launcher prob out of the way i suddenly encountered the Bridge Officer slot bug, again thanks to the great people here on these forums (Cryptic support appears non existant) i got that solved. Then came the real ass kicker, oh yes it will let me into the game and i im back in Earth Spacedock, i can even see other players, yet i appear to unable to do anything. I cannot change the instance, i cannot beam out, every time i press L the events, callender are blank. The /stuck /killme does not function, i can move around a little but then am transported back to the same position where i started. I cannot overcome this particular problem, despite the many suggestions that people here have kindly posted. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times i have unistalled and re-downloaded this bloody game, irrelevant if its a direct download, torrent, file planet, steam, nothing has worked. I have tried creating new characters and have succeded in getting a hour of normal play, yet everytime i log off and then back on, i'm back in the non functioning instance again. i cannot understand that in more than two years i have never had ANY issues with STO and now this. I am a F2P player and am very grateful that i have been allowed to participate in this game, yet Cryptics apparent lack of interest in those of us (and there appear to be many, paying gamers or otherwise) is completely galling. It's the same old story, Paramount/CBS, Activision and many others, who have taken the name Star Trek with the sole objective of making as much cash and profit as possible while doing as little as possible. And what is Star Trek? It is a failed late 1960's television show that has stood the test of the 40+ years only because of it's legions of fans around the world. And so where there is passion, there is also greed. As far as Cryptic is concerned, if you have no problems with their game fine. If you do have issues well that's fine it or lump it. If any money should be going anywhere then it should be going to those people on these forums who have taken the time to post every manner of possible fixes to help those of us stuck with the issues, that in some cases have been running for more than half a year. They are the ones who should be getting paid. So i would like to say thank you again to all of you who have tried help, alas i am doomed to be one of those that cannot play this game. Maybe next year they will have sorted it out. Until then Live long and prosper and good luck, you're going to need it.