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Enterprise Maco

Andorian Ent Outfit
Also the ENT Vulcan uniforms.

Could cryptic add a proper Klingon uniform to the game please. The current old style one is based on the open captains version (minus the fastening strap), no closed grunt uniforms, no one piece shoulder armour, no TNG style sash (nor Worfs and Martoks sash), no high council / Captain stool thing.

Seriously the only KDF onscreen uniform that can be replicated with any accuracy is the TOS one, and that is still missing rank pips on the neck, option to put the warriors sash on the other shoulder, knee high boots, Belt option, and skirt option for females, and the full dress style version, as well as a purple colour option to replicate the TAS version.

Oh and the TOS film era uniforms (Kurges open version, Chang's long version, standard elite warrior version, and Gorkon's red version) are missing all together.

Feds may have a problem with clipping combadges, and none matching colour palette, KDF don't even have a single whole onscreen uniform they can wear.

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