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I've read about half of the posts in the 99 page monstrosity...I imagine the other half are about the same. Something confusing me though is this: If it takes 5 people to form a fleet but a fleet can be 1 to 500 members... then what's the issue with 1 player fleet missions? I mean I get a fleet is supposed to be a "fleet" not a fleet of 1, but if by definition a fleet can contain 1 member, then why are there no 1 person fleet missions? Seems to me that the only way a 1 person fleet could earn fleet marks ( if they didn't want to team up with others in a PUG) was to do the Foundry missions, since there are no actual "game" missions for 1 person fleets. I know it may sound silly that someone would have a 1 person fleet, but if it's allowed, then why not make it fair for all size fleets? While I'm on my soapbox, seems to me while I've been reading these posts, there's a lot of people with their noses turned up against smaller fleets. I've been in this game over two years now. I've been in big fleets, medium fleets and small fleets. Big and Medium fleets (100 to 500) seem to have alot of personal issues going on. Small fleets seem to me that they know it's them against the Universe and seem to keep their eye on the prize. Still, I'd like to see a way for the little guy to earn a decent amount of fleet marks on their own. I've seen some really great ideas here...too bad they probably won't be initiated. Eh, if it was me, I'd just allow the 1 person to get say 200 marks a day max, from any source, even if it was a clicker. Clickers, for the little guy, serve a purpose. It allows the little guy to get his marks, and then spend his (or her) time running the missions they want to do, instead the ones they have to. Eh, whatever..not like anyone is gonna listen anyway...Peace...

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